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Coaching and Mentoring

“Coaching helps people develop and learn in ways that enable them to have or achieve what they really want. This is because a coach focuses on an individual’s situation with the kind of attention and commitment that the individual will rarely experience elsewhere.” Julie Starr


We provide coaching and mentoring in the following areas:

  • Executive coaching;
  • Leadership coaching at all levels;
  • New leader coaching and mentoring;
  • Team coaching;
  • Career coaching;
  • Coaching/ mentoring for recently qualified teachers;
  • Coaching/ mentoring for struggling teachers.


Download our pdf guide to coaching here.


What is coaching?

Coaching involves a coach supporting someone else (coachee) to achieve professional and personal goals. The coach observes, listens, questions, summarises, prompts and encourages the coachee in order for them to meet their targets.


Why is coaching so popular and powerful?

Real, effective change is more likely to come about if an individual has come up with their own action steps and ideas rather than it being imposed, or even suggested, by someone else.


How are coaching and mentoring different?

Coaches do not normally offer advice, share experiences or give opinions. Instead they used advanced skills in listening, questioning and reflection in order to move towards goals.

Whilst a mentor might share advice, knowledge and experience, a coach’s role is to ask the right questions and enable the coachee to make their own decisions.

Fundamentals of coaching:

  • There is a position of equity between the coach and coachee;
  • Coaching is non-judgemental;
  • It is supportive and positive with an underlying belief that the coachee is capable of change;
  • It is confidential;
  • There is a bias towards action – the coach supports in the setting of coachee goals, along with the acknowledgement that great leadership ‘behaviours’ can be developed;
  • Coaching offers the space and time to talk through and articulate issues.


How do we deliver coaching?

For a long time, many leaders in business and industry have benefitted from having coaches, and now schools are understanding the value too. We have a team of experienced coaches who are available to coach school leaders towards professional and personal goals.

A key aspect of coaching is rapport; therefore, we offer a free initial session between coach and coachee to see if the sessions are likely to bring benefit to the coachee.  

There are various ways of using our coaches, but one popular model with schools is to purchase a package of six sessions of around 60-90 minutes each (one per half term) for a leader. The sessions are then arranged via online video conference calls (Skype/ Zoom/ BOTIM etc.) at mutually convenient times.



"David’s listening and coaching style, helped me tremendously in identifying things about myself that I had never really thought of. I have never had anyone forensically analyse why I struggle to get my ideas across before."

"It was so important to have a coach who listened and who was completely objective."

"Lin has a wealth of coaching expertise and experience, from coaching newly qualified teachers right through to executive principals. Her professional approach and warmth of character enable her to build meaningful relationships with those that she coaches.  Whatever the colleague's situation - whether they are new to leadership, looking to take a next step in their career, or facing challenges in their role - Lin is brilliantly placed to support colleagues to find positive, productive solutions and help them succeed in their professional life."