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Using Metacognition to Enhance Learning

Course Details

The benefits of metacognition are being talked about widely. It is more than 'learning about learning' or 'thinking about thinking' and there are a range of pupil benefits from teaching staff using metacognitive strategies. This course examines what metacognition actually is, how it can be used to develop pupil independence and taking control of their learning, as well as examining motivation in pupils. Through a variety of practical activities, attendees will learn a range of strategies and questioning techniques that can be used in their classroom.


By the end of the course

Participants will have:

  • An overview of what metacognition is, and an understanding of how it can be effective for all learners, including disadvantaged learners;
  • Explored and developed their metacognitive questioning skills that can be used in lessons;
  • Examined other metacognitive strategies;
  • Knowledge of why many teachers fail to fully implement metacognition in their lessons;
  • Planned steps to take to implement and increase the use metacognition in their own context.


Who is this training for?

Any teaching staff.


Course format

This training lasts 3 hours. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


What delegates have said:

"The training demonstrated different aspects of metacognition and how we can use the approach with all our pupils. A good mix of practical activities, sharing information and discussion."


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