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Feedback and Difficult Conversations

Training overview

"Avoiding difficult conversations is a universal talent." (Susan Scott)

This training course will examine issues concerning why and how to give feedback, before examining our motives for acting, or failing to act. Participants will also be given a useful template and instruction on how to plan for a difficult conversation, as well as studying a number of case studies of common situations found in schools.

Who will benefit from this training

This course is designed for new, or aspiring leaders, or for more experienced leaders who would like a refresher. The course will also be useful to anyone who has to give feedback as part of the appraisal/ performance management process.


By the end of the course, participants will:

  • appreciate the important elements of effective feedback;
  • understand how we may be motivated to act, or choose not to act, in different situations;
  • have practical strategies, including a difficult conversation planning template, to put into practice;
  • have explored a number of real life case studies.



The course consists of six self-study online modules, using our specialist e-learning platform including audio and video. Each module is expected to take around 25 minutes to complete. Participants are assessed at the end of each module by an auto-assessed quiz, and successful completion of the course will result in the participant receiving an externally certified certificate.



For a limited period of time, we are offering an initial introductory offer price of just £25 per participant (rather than the standard £30).


How to join the course:

Payment can either be made through our e-commerce website (click here) or for organisations that would like an invoice, please contact us, and we will arrange for the required number of course logins for staff to take the course, and will invoice the school directly.