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Interview skills

"Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy degree of curiosity." Richard Branson


Who will benefit from this training:

Anyone in a leadership/management position, especially those who are new to interviewing others.


Training overview:

The cost of hiring badly can be very expensive in lots of different ways. Yet not all leaders in schools have had training in this key leadership skill.

This training will cover things to put in place before the interview, during interviews (including examining different types of interview questions) and afterwards.

Participants will reflect on their own interviewing experience and also generate a bank of useful questions and procedures for their own context.


By the end of training, participants will:

  • Realise what steps need to be undertaken before interviewing;
  • Be aware of different types of interview questions and understand when is best to use each;
  • Have prepared a list of relevant questions and procedures for their own context.


Training format:

This training can be delivered online in a 2-hour or 3-hour session. Where circumstances allow it can also be delivered in-school as standalone training, or as part of a larger package of training. Please contact us to let us know your requirements or if you have any questions.