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Working Productively with Demanding Parents

We recently had an article regarding Parental Engagement published in International School Leader magazine. You can read it by clicking here.


We work with schools in four ways to promote positive parental engagement:

  1. Provide training to teaching and non-teaching staff to develop understanding and skills to facilitate engagement and deal with more demanding parents;
  2. Provide training and coaching to school leadership teams in leading staff and dealing with demanding parents, and finding creative ways to engage with parents;
  3. Deliver sessions directly to parents emphasising activities that really matter to their child's education;
  4. Work together with a school to produce a whole-school 'Parents Strategy'.


Please Contact Us if you are interested in any of these four options.

What delegates have said:

“The training that was delivered to our staff was outstanding. It was tailored to our needs and left our staff in a very positive frame of mind. A great way to start the academic year!” IAPS school