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Motivating Others

"I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among my people to be the greatest asset I possess." Charles M. Schwab


Who will benefit from this training:

Anyone in a leadership/ management position at a school - middle, senior or aspiring leaders.


Training overview:

The ability to enthuse others is one of the top leadership skills, yet a recent study found only 29% of people are fully engaged at work. There is a gap in leadership skills.

This course will look at key aspects of motivation including building trust, appreciation and encouragement, having clear goals and routes to progress, empowerment and empathy. Participants will be asked to reflect on their own practice to determine what practical steps they can take in order to create a culture where others are motivated.


By the end of the training, participants will:

  • understand what motivation is;
  • learn when to use different types of motivators;
  • be able to identify common de-motivators and how to avoid using them;
  • have reflected on their own practice and identify steps to put into place to create a more motivational climate.


Training format

This training can be delivered live online in a 2-hour or 3-hour session. Where circumstances allow it can also be delivered in-school as standalone training, or as part of a larger package of training. Please contact us to inform us of your requirements or if you have any questions.