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Core Skills of Coaching

Who is this training course aimed at:

Coaching lends itself to all those in coordinator roles, as well as all middle leaders, senior leaders and aspiring leaders in schools.


Course overview:

Coaching involves a coach supporting another person to achieve professional and personal goals. The coach observes, listens, questions, summarises, prompts and encourages the coachee in order for them to meet their targets. Real, effective change is more likely to come about if an individual has come up with their own action steps and ideas rather than it being imposed, or even suggested, by someone else.

This course will develop the skills and confidence of those taking part so that they will be able to use coaching methods with others in their team at school to drive improvement and change.


By the end of the training, attendees will:

  • understand the core principles of coaching;
  • be aware of the differences between coaching and mentoring and when each is relevant;
  • have developed confidence in coaching through practising skills in a range of practical contexts;
  • reflected on how coaching may be utilised in their own leadership practice and context;
  • know how to use coaching techniques to drive improvements in their department/ subject/ area;
  • produced an action plan as how to employ coaching in their own leadership.


Training format:

This training can be delivered in-school as part of a training day or as an after-school 2-hour or 3-hour twilight session. Please contact us to let us know your requirements or if you have any questions.