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Leading in a Bilingual Setting

Who is this course for?

Anyone undertaking a leadership role in an international/ bilingual school for the first time.


Course details

This course will examine issues such as:

  • Cultural awareness (visible and invisible);
  • Cultural dimensions;
  • Language awareness (social and academic, as well as high context and low context);
  • Non-verbal communication;
  • Moralism versus pragmatism;
  • Time, space and activity interaction;
  • Managing expectations;
  • Building trust as a leader;
  • Respect; and
  • Impact of leadership characteristics on motivation across different cultures.

Factors useful in forming working relationships, collaborations and cultural intelligence, such as knowledge and sensitivity to others' cultures, motivation to learn and the flexibility in leaderships skills to learn new ways of doing things, will also be explored.


Training format

This training can be delivered in-school or alternatively as an online webinar/ video conference (either as part of the induction process or after taking up a position). Please contact us to let us know your requirements and questions.